EPS Underfloor Heating Panel

EPS Underfloor Heating Panel enable quick and simple installation of underfloor heating into both suspended and ground floors, in both new build and renovation projects. EPS Heating plate are made from lightweight moulded expanded polystyrene with pre formed slots for the heating pipe to be inserted.

Product Description

EPS Underfloor Heating Panel description1
EPS Underfloor Heating Panel description2
Thermal Conductivity at 10 ℃ (W/m.k)0.0300.0290.028
Compressive Strength 10% (kpa)130128126
Compressive Strength 5% (kpa)119113108
Compressive Strength 2% (kpa)908280
Heat Resistance (m².k /W)
Equivalent Total Thickness (mm)414447
Tempetature Restriction (℃)808080
Diaphragm Thickness (mm)202020
Insulation Thickness(mm)182124
Weight/Square meter ±20g (g)920950980

EPS Floor heating plate Features

EPS floor heating plate features

EPS Floor Heating Plate Application

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