Electric Vibrating EPP Foam Roller

High-Frequency Vibration – Relax and heal soreness, promote better circulation, keep muscles loose and flexible.
4-Speed Settings – You can choose your desired intensity level, from soft soothing massage to high-intensity.
Rechargeable Lithium Batteries – Fully charge the electric foam roller, you can enjoy the massage up to 4 hours.
Ergonomic – Specifically designed to conform to the body’s anatomy and biomechanics.

Electric Vibrating EPP Foam Roller Description

electric vibrating foam roller description

Electric Vibrating EPP Foam Roller Features

1. The vibration foam roller will be automatically turned off after working continuously for 10 minutes, you can reopen it to use.
2. Please don’t use the massage roller where there is water or wet, in case damage to the electronic components.
3. Avoid using the yoga roller with sharp objects so as to avoid damage to the product.
4. We recommend using a padded mat or on the carpet to muffle the noise caused by the muscle roller.
5. If you feel unwell when using the electric foam roller, discontinue to use immediately and consult a doctor.

6.4-Speed Settings: Level 1: Low (1400 RPM), Level 2: Middle (1800 RPM), Level 3: High (2200 RPM), Level 4: Super High (2600 RPM)

Package Included:
* 1 x Electric Foam Roller
* 1 x Adaptor

Size310mm x 150mm310mm x 150mm
MaterialHigh Density EPPHigh Density EPP
Gear4-Speed Adjustable5-Speed Adjustable
AdditionalUSB Power SupplyUSB Power Supply
electric vibrating foam roller details

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