48cm EPP Foam Airplane Hand Glider

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Product Description

The EPP Foam Airplane Glider Made of EPP Material, the Foam Airplane Glider is an easy to use and absolutely safe foam airplane toy designed according to the glider shape. It relies entirely on the force thrown by the player to make the plane fly.

EPP Foam Airplane Glider Features

Product Features:

1.The Foam Airplane Glider is made of High quality EPP materials, durable and environment friendly.

2.No battery limitation, free flight airplane can play it everywhere.

3.The Foam Glider uses the advanced EPP foam materials, light, anti-shatter, portable, easy to fly.

Selling Point:

1.The Foam Airplane Glider are aerodynamically designed, Exercise children’s exploration ability.

2.Suitable for any players, the ages of 3 above.

3.Lovable and portable design, easy to handle and carry, perfect as gift for children.


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epp foam glider
48cm hand glider
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Product Paramater

hand thrown glider parameter
Product Name48cm Epp Hand Glider
Delivery time3 days

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