ICF Blocks

ICF Building Blocks also named Insulated Concrete Form Blocks, ICF Building Blocks are the most widely used materials for foam concrete in wall materials. Polystyrene Insulated Concrete Form Blocks are widely used in urban building construction. This kind of block is made of polystyrene foam as the frame.

ICF Blocks residence is its remarkable insulation and energy saving effect. ICF modules, mainly wall modules, but also special floor modules. The main material of ICF Blocks module itself is EPS foam, which is made of plastic or metal.During the construction, ICF module is used to form the shape of the wall. A small amount of steel reinforcement is placed in the hollow cavity inside the ICF module. On both sides of the wall, support the supporting pillar to prevent tilt and deformation. ICF Building Blocks module, in the construction of the time played the role of template, and later played the effect of thermal insulation.