ICF Block Module Building Advantages

1. ICF Block Building house environmental protection, quick construction and short construction period.

2. ICF Block Building template components, with various shapes and sizes, can adapt to different shapes of the wall. In the first picture, Chinese courtyard, European style and modern villa can be easily built.Perfect seamless lap joint, avoid running in the process of pouring concrete, ensure the strength of concrete.

ICF Building House

3. The inner and outer insulation boards are 6cm thick, which has excellent insulation performance and greatly reduces the energy consumption for heating and cooling;It is also convenient to pre-install water and electricity pipelines.
4. The roof module and the traditional frame structure of the house, the use of cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor, the whole house formed a whole, better than the seismic performance of brick-concrete house.

ICF Building Block

ICF Building house

T-corner-icf block
ICF Straight Block