ICF Block Building Advantages

ICF Building house

1: ICF building house warm in winter and cool in summer, exceeding the national 75% energy-saving standard;
2: ICF Block have rugged and durable, frame shear wall structure, seismic strength level 8;
3: Moisture-proof and alkali-resistant, no mildew, decoration and move-in after construction;
4: Energy-saving, environmental protection, coal-saving and electricity-saving, 100 square meters of electricity can save 2-3 thousand yuan per year;
5: The sound insulation is strong, exceeding the national B1 level fire protection standard, and it can reach A level fire protection after being wiped with anti-cracking mortar;

ICF Building House

6: The construction period is short, and the decoration can be completed after completion;
7: There is no construction waste during the construction process, which meets environmental protection standards;
8: ICF building house can save money, low labor intensity, 5 people can build by themselves;
9: Low overall cost, high cost performance;
10: 14-26 cm inner cavity concrete, 3-7 floors can be built